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St Patrick’s Day Fonts and Free Printable


Here’s a few of my favorite free St Patrick’s Day fonts:


I made the list without numbers into a free printable.

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Online Room Planner Tutorial


Today I’m going to share one of my favorite free online tools with you. It’s an Online Room Planner brought to you by Baby’s Dream Furniture Inc. They created it to plan for your nursery, but it can work for virtually any room in your house. I’ll show you how.

Start by going to the Online Room Planner and click on “Launch Planner.”

Once the planner opens, you’ll need to input the room measurements of the room you’re planning to design.

After that, you start to add your room elements. I start with the built-in features (doors, windows, etc.) To do that click on the pull down menu next to “Furniture” and select “Architecture.”

This will bring up a menu with doors. To add a door to your room (entryway, closets), select a door and drag it into your room. Click on the door to bring up editing features like resizing, rotation, or removal. You can use the little buttons at the corners of the object to edit:

Or you can click that blue “i”:

And it will bring up a properties window where you can input the exact dimensions and rotation.

After you’re done with the doors, you can select the other architectural features (like windows) from the second pull down menu next to “Doors.” Continue going through both of these pull down menus to add all your elements.

Continue adding your elements and editing until you’re satisfied. If they are missing elements in your room, just pick an item of similar shape and input the correct dimensions to fill the space. You’ll have your room set up in no time!

When you’re finished, you can save the file on their website with a free account (this option allows you to make additional edits later), you can print the file, or you can do a print screen and save it to your computer.




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5 DIY Leprechaun Traps


I love this idea! Definitely doing this with baby boy when he gets bigger. If you’re looking for ways to trap a leprechaun, check out these creative traps:

Leprechaun Trap Cake by Not Martha

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

Rainbow Leprechaun Trap by Club Chica Circle

How to Bait a Leprechaun with Tiny Doughnuts by What Will We Do Today?

Chalkboard Leprechaun Trap by Modern Parents Messy Kids

Leprechaun Hat Trap by Spoonful

To Catch a Leprechaun Hat

I hope you catch him and get your pot of gold!



Funny Things to Ask Siri


Hilarious questions to Siri

Plenty of time gets spent playing on the iPhone, but do you ever just play with the phone itself?

Most iPhone users that have the “Siri” capability are aware that you can ask her funny questions. In case you need further inspiration, I’ve created a round up of funny things to ask her:

Siri Answer to 20 Hilarious Questions by Freemake

97+ Funny Things to Say to Siri by Chase Millis

52 Funny Things to Ask Siri by Groovy Glue

100+ Fun Things to Ask Siri by Appmodo

20 Funny Questions to Ask Siri by Ijailbreakthis

Enjoy 🙂



DIY Handprint Footprint Nursery Art


I’m really excited to share a piece of my son’s nursery decor with you. His room is my favorite room in the house, and I’ll be posting a nursery tour at some point to show you around.

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY that captures those tiny prints and a precious sentiment.

Jasper Month 1 575

I had someone make the word art for me so that it perfectly matched the colors in his nursery. Now that I’m more comfortable with Photoshop, I’m sure I could have done that myself. I used an inkpad on my son’s feet and hands to make the prints on cardstock. I used fabric as the background and then taped down the word art and prints. I popped that in a fun frame and hung it on his wall–done!

Quick, easy, and super special.



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St Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Notes Printable


Share a little love with your little lucky charms!

I made this set of printable St Patrick’s Day themed lunchbox notes, and I’m sharing them with you!

Click on the link below to download the PDF. (The watermark is removed on the PDF file.)

St Patty Lunchbox Notes

St Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Notes




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Fruit Rainbow with Fruit Dip Clouds


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your own healthy and edible rainbow!


I made mine with the colors in order (for all our little learners).

1. Purple–Grapes

2. Blue–Blueberries

3. Green–Grapes again (kiwi would work too)

4. Yellow–Pineapple

5. Orange–Orange slices

6. Red–Strawberries


The clouds are fruit dip made of 4 oz fat-free cream cheese and 7 oz marshmallow creme mixed together. (Cool whip or marshmallow creme by itself would probably be more fluffy.)

A yummy way to get festive!

Now where to find that pot of gold… 🙂



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