The Little Things that say I Love You



It may make absolutely no since to you that I would title a post this way and then add a picture of my pantry, but allow me to explain…

My hubby just left for his deployment and I’m still finding little thing that he’s done to make my life easier. Not just to make things easier, but to remind me that he’s thinking of me and that he loves me.

For example, I stink at packing things. My hubby always packs for our trips. He’s a master organizer and I’m pretty sure he can fit a house into a suitcase if he wanted to. It’s the same in our home.

A couple days before he left home, he reorganized our pantry for me. This is a simple chore that won’t mean much to some, but it means the world to me…and it’s a special reminder to me every time I open that pantry door.

I didn’t notice this until later, but he also stocked up on my favorite sugary cereals. I normally request things like shredded wheat and then end up stealing his frosted flakes…deep down, he knows my guilty pleasures. So he stocked me up on a whole shelf full that I discovered the other day–nom, nom, nom…


I miss my Hubby, and I know he misses me too. What are the little things that mean so much to you?




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