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February 2015 Koala Crate Review


I was a little disappointed when someone told me that February was going to have puppets in the box because we just did puppets in the Safari box the month before last, but as usual Koala Crate pleasantly surprised me!

This month is about friendship and feelings and includes two projects and a game that you can play with one of the projects.


I don’t like rushing through making the crafts just to get a blog post done because we do genuinely enjoy this box and I like spreading out the activities throughout the month for days that we get stuck inside. But I am happy to post pictures of the box and its contents to give you an idea!





The face puppets are totally different than the last puppets that we made. You stick velcro dots on the back of each of the face parts, eyes, noses, mouths to make different feelings faces. There is a game that you can play with them too.


The other activity is to make friendship bracelets with air dry clay, something we are used to playing with but a different type of craft that we haven’t made. I hope he gives me one!!! 😄


And as usual they had a really cute little magazine that they include in every box and J has really enjoys! I will try to update with finished craft pictures later.