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How to Make Your Own Clipart Tutorial


How to make your own clipart by Lime Lane Love

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Custom Pillow Form made from Batting



I promised to post a tutorial for this when I posted by Reusable Easter Grass Pillowcase, so here’s the show-you-how!

First, let me explain why you should use batting for custom pillow forms…

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Clover Pom Pom Maker Tutorial


Today I’m going to show you how to use the Clover Pom Pom Maker (CPPM)–it’s super easy!


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DIY Pose-able Bunny Ears Tutorial



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DIY Reusable Easter Grass



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DIY Easter Egg Baby Rattle with Washi Tape



I’m really excited to get baby boy’s first Easter Basket together! I’ve been trying to come up with some baby friendly items (cause we all know who would actually eat the candy…) and I’m going to be sharing that list with you later this week. This is item number one!

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I-Spy Quilt Square Swap


Ever heard of an I-Spy quilt? It’s made with lots of different novelty fabrics so that each little square has something different to play I-Spy with. Making the quilt can be a tedious process because each square should be different, and you need a LOT of squares for a good I-Spy quilt.

This is why I was SO excited to find this I-Spy Swap over at Helping Little Hands! Instead of cutting one tiny square from 200 different fabrics, you cut 20 squares each from 10 different fabrics and send them in. Then the squares get swapped with other participants, and you get 200 different squares back–so much easier! And cheaper since you’re not buying 200 fabrics 😉

The March swap is closed, but you can leave a comment to get added to a future swap.

These are the 10 fabrics I sent in:


Can’t wait to put my I-Spy quilt together!!!