Teacher Appreciation Gift–Thanks a Latte




Teacher Appreciation week was actually last week, but you can pin this one for next year 🙂

I was really pressed on time to pull this together, but luckily I always have a running list of gift ideas to pull from.

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A poem for my son on my first Mothers Day


My baby boy is the reason that I get to celebrate as a Mom today, so I wanted to write something for him today:

There are few moments in life that define me, my son–
Most important to me are two.
The day that I walked down the aisle,
And the day that I met you.

First–a wife,
Then–a mom,
Two boys, no greater joys–
Than my husband and my son.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mommas out there!!!



Sunday Social–My Timeline


Sunday Social

Linking up for today’s Sunday Social!

Here are today’s questions/answers:

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May 2013 Popsugar Must Have SPOILERS


Ready to see what Popsugar has for us this month? I am!!!!!

PopSugar is a monthly subscription box that includes monthly “must have” items in different genres including beauty, fashion, home, fitness, food, etc. The subscription price is $35 per month. If you’re interested, check them out here– PopSugar Must Have (this is my referral link)

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Fridays Letters


Warning…today’s post is kind of mopey. Cause I’m feeling really blue. You might want chocolate after.

Dear May, you came too soon. I really wasn’t ready to say good bye to hubby yet.

Dear December, come quickly and bring my Hubby back safe.

Dear baby boy, I’m going to try to be a doubly good parent. So that you won’t feel the sting so much. I know it’s confusing right now, but Daddy misses you very much. And he thinks about you every day. And he will come home.

Dear Sunday, you’re my first Mother’s Day ever. That makes you special to me. I’m glad I’ll be with baby boy.

Dear Hubby, I miss you dearly. And I want you here…now. I promise to hug baby boy for you…every day. And I promise we’ll pray for you when I rock him at night. Our anniversary is next week…I’ll be thinking of you. Your birthday is the week after…I’ll think of you then too. Come home to me.

Dear me, get some chocolate, a magazine, a glass of wine, and some bubble bath. Take a soak and pull it together. Remember that you have a GREAT life–an amazing husband, an equally amazing son, and a very gracious loving God. You are blessed–no, hear me–you are BLESSED. Be content. Don’t press fast forward. Be content and enjoy where and when you are at. You can’t get this time back. Be content–and be blessed.

Hugs to you–and today, some hugs for me too,


Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Round-Up


I’m really excited to share the Mother’s Day gift I made for my Mom, but she’s been known to drop by my blog occasionally so it will have to wait until after she gets it in the mail. In the mean time, do you need a few last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Here they are!

Tea Cup Bird Feeder with Free Printable Card by Caps Creations

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Stork Stack Review



I have to tell you, I love seeing this box on my porch 🙂

Stork Stack review time! Here’s what we got:

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