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Butternut Squash Ravioli with Ground Turkey Pesto Recipe



I’ve got a really quick and flavorful recipe to share with you today!

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Dinner or Dessert?! April Fool’s Day Recipes


Happy April Fool’s!

What are you making for dinner today? 😉

I actually think April Fool’s is scarier than Halloween. I’m paranoid about people playing pranks on me, and I think a food prank could be one of the worst! (depending on the situation of course…)

I did a quick round up of pretty tame and fun food pranks that I wouldn’t mind so much. I love the fishsticks with peas!

Faux “Fishstick” Cookies with Airhead “Peas” by Very Enchanting

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St Patrick’s Day Desserts


Time to break out those festive recipes, and I’m excited to share these delicious looking desserts!

Leprechaun Trap Cake by Not Martha

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

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Luck of the Straw-St Patrick’s Day Beverage


Luck of the Straw

Here’s a quick and fun way to celebrate St Paddy’s Day at your house!

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Fruit Rainbow with Fruit Dip Clouds


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your own healthy and edible rainbow!


I made mine with the colors in order (for all our little learners).

1. Purple–Grapes

2. Blue–Blueberries

3. Green–Grapes again (kiwi would work too)

4. Yellow–Pineapple

5. Orange–Orange slices

6. Red–Strawberries


The clouds are fruit dip made of 4 oz fat-free cream cheese and 7 oz marshmallow creme mixed together. (Cool whip or marshmallow creme by itself would probably be more fluffy.)

A yummy way to get festive!

Now where to find that pot of gold… 🙂



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