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The Little Things that say I Love You



It may make absolutely no since to you that I would title a post this way and then add a picture of my pantry, but allow me to explain…

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Valentine Date Night Movie List–10 Great Love Stories


Have plans tomorrow night?

Planning to stay in?

How about a picnic in the living room and a really great love story?  Here’s a list of 10 of my favorites:

Two people from two different sides of the track–kind of like Romeo and Juliet…but with a happier ending.

This movie came out while I was in high school and I love everything about it. Aside from being a great love story, it’s also a great story about overcoming peer pressure. This one also has a really great soundtrack!

Does anyone else LOVE Katherine Heigl???! This one is about a love story that develops between a child’s two very different godparents as they try to raise her together after her parents die.

Sweet and southern–love it! This is about a hot shot fashion designer who goes home to her southern roots to take care of some business only to find out she still has feeling for her first southern love.

Did I mention I love Katherine Heigl???! I love this story too. If you don’t watch it for the love story (which is really good), watch it for some of these dresses–very entertaining.

I love these types of movies–multiple stories that twist together with several of Hollywood’s top stars. The kid love story in this one is my favorite 🙂

A story about a famous actress finding love in a not so famous place.

A rags-to-riches type of love story for a girl and a guy finding out what really has value.

The final dance all by itself is worth watching this whole movie.

A delight for musical fans everywhere, this love story is a must watch.

However you celebrate, hope it’s great!