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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2013!





Happy St Patrick’s Day all!

Hope you have a fun and festive way to celebrate planned! If you need any last minute ideas or if you missed any of the St Patrick’s Day posts, you can check them out here.

Check out my little leprechaun:


Isn’t he adorable?!

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Dating St Patrick–A Fashion Collection

St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so I’ve put together a collection of ensembles for the celebration! …or the morning after 🙂
Dating St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day Printables


I did a quick round up St Patrick’s Day printables in case you need some last minute decor or ideas.

St Patrick’s Day Breakfast at The 36th Avenue

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast and free printable. the36thavenue.com

I love the color in this one!

St Patrick’s Day Printable at A Little About A Lot

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St Patrick’s Day Desserts


Time to break out those festive recipes, and I’m excited to share these delicious looking desserts!

Leprechaun Trap Cake by Not Martha

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

leprechaun trap rainbow cake

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Luck of the Straw-St Patrick’s Day Beverage


Luck of the Straw

Here’s a quick and fun way to celebrate St Paddy’s Day at your house!

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St Patrick’s Day Fonts and Free Printable


Here’s a few of my favorite free St Patrick’s Day fonts:


I made the list without numbers into a free printable.

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St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt


DIY Treasure Hunt

This is a fun St Patrick’s Day tradition to start with your kiddos! You can have a real prize for them at the end (candy, coins, etc) or you can use the free option below.

I found this printable at Spoonful.com. The cards themselves are blank so you can either write in your own clues, or you can type them in photoshop. There are 6 cards total, but you can print as many sheets as you want if you’d like more clues. Suggested clues are below.

Spoonful Printable Clue Cards

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Suggested clues from Spoonful:

1.       Search far and wide by any measure, it’s time to begin your quest for treasure.

2.       Left and right you’ll turn your head, when you look underneath your bed.

3.       The rainbow path has come to an end. You’ve found a treasure to share with your friends.

Suggested Clues by Lime Lane Love:

1.       It’s time to start your treasure hunt, let us begin on the porch out front.

2.       You can do it—I’m sure you are able! Maybe the treasure is under the table.

3.       Keep trying, you’ll probably have to crouch—now you must look under the couch.

4.       I’m sure the treasure is dead ahead!  Let’s go look behind your bed…

5.       If it’s treasure you desire, maybe you should check the dryer.

6.       You’ll soon join the treasure club if you go look in the tub.

7.       You can find what you pursue, let’s check were we keep the food.

8.       In a cabinet? Under a box? Go look where you keep your socks.

9.       (End with a prize) You have searched far and wide, now it’s time to claim your prize!

10.   (Free option) You have done it! Now we’re through. We found what we wanted—the treasure is you!